Decarbon - think green!

When we are talking about decarbon – think green! we are speaking about the decarbonization. In the world of energy this means switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

The goal is to avoid actions and processes which release CO2-emissions. Everyone can contribute – also indirectly – by targeted investments. The term divestment or negative investment is used for companies operating in the field of coal, oil and gas. Because of financial flows, any kind of demand in those businesses is steadily reduced. True to the motto: no demand, no offer.

If you consistently implement your daily activities in terms of avoidable CO2-emissions for example, by purchasing electricity from regenerative energies: then you think green!

In combination, sustainability is created – in the sense of resource-efficient use.

Renewable energy

Renewable Energies (RE) – among others, wind, water and sun – are almost inexhaustible. The power generation of such RE systems is based on natural ways. The result of contribution to climate protection is that there is no further production of CO2-emissions.

Overall, we are seeing the trend of decentralized power generation. Depending on the different regional conditions, various renewable energy systems can be considered. In Germany about 31% of electricity production is generated by renewable energy systems. This share should increase to 35% in 2020 and 80% by 2050.

Renewable energies combine environmental and economic benefits worldwide. The demand for electricity from renewable energy systems is rising continuously. This market is one of the fastest-growing future industries globally. The costs of producing renewable energy in comparison to conventional power plants (nuclear, coal, oil and gas) are becoming more and more competitive. Taking into account environmental damage and / or repository costs of conventional mining, renewable energies are already cheaper.

Our competence

We see ourselves as bridge builders in the energy market – more precisely, in the field of renewable energies.

Our ambition is to implement competitive marketing services in the energy market with energy suppliers, direct marketers and plant operators together and in a complementary position. In few words: we ensure that supply and demand will meet. Using our long-standing market access throughout Europe we make individual RE concepts available in Germany – a decisive argument for our customers and partners.

The result: our customers are receiving an RE concept that is tailored to their individual sustainability strategy. The producer of energy sees its business field confirmed.

And best of all: Everyone benefits from our services! As the “climate” does not care who exactly avoids CO2-emissions.

Our profile

The Deutsche Carbon Exchange GmbH is a public limited company based in Hamburg. We are independent and owner-managed. Our know-how extends from eco energy and stock exchange trading to marketing and sales. The combined professional experience of all persons involved in DCE amounts to a period of more than 100 years helping us to do this.

We are focused on the further expansion of renewable energy power plants in Europe. As an advisory link our mission is to use sustainable RE concepts to identify the optimal added value for our customers and partners.

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